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saji 24 October 2004 02:29 am

I like to know whether mpc is patented like mp3 or free like ogg vorbis
thanks :roll:

Seed 24 October 2004 07:10 am

Hi saji

The patent situation is not 100% clear. It is hard to verify exactly how many patents are left that are still applicable, if any are at all. You'll need many hours of work and plenty of fees to good lawyers before you can verify such a thing. What I am sure of is that when Frank finally finds time away from his work, none of these patents will matter much ;) They'll expire long before ;)

For all those who wonder what the situation is, the programmer is busy with his important work. You have the option of giving up and moving to another format, or waiting. After all, there's no other lossy format that comes even close to MPC at medium/high bitrates. If you want to enjoy music the way it sounds on the CD, either wait for MPC development to speed up (maybe next year) or move to lossless (FLAC, Wavpack, Monkey's Audio) ;)

saji 26 October 2004 04:53 am

Hi Seed
Thank U very much for ur reply
-saji :D

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