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stereotomy 02 January 2007 05:19 am

Specifying dB level for CD burning
Have not seen this topic addressed anywhere on the site (but I'm a new member, so bear with me!) ;)

I am using MP3Gain to adjust bitstream data on my MP3 files so that individual tracks on compilation CDs will have somewhat similar perceived loudness. MP3Gain also allows you to set a custom dB level.

My question is this: if I want to include MPC files on the same CD with my level-adjusted MP3s, how can I specify the dB level? I have the MPC Batch Encoder, but the ReplayGain is for playback purposes only and does not seem to affect audio data; I would like the convenience of being able to specify a dB level (i.e. by adjusting the bitstream data) for MPC files for both playback and eventual CD burning.

Lefungus 02 January 2007 10:12 am

- Decode mpc to wav using foobar with replaygain activated
- Burn wav

stereotomy 03 January 2007 02:02 am


I actually had to decode MPCs recently before I could burn them to disc . . .
for some reason, they were not being read correctly (because of ReplayGain
header, I suspect). It was not too difficult going from MPC to WAV with the
Batch Encoder (once you figure out the switches, that is). I just never fig-
ured out how to set the dB level.

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