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guaren 08 October 2004 02:09 am

How to install on MAC OS X
The files contained in the package are 3: mppdec to decode an MPC file into a WAV file, mppenc to encode a WAV file into an MPC file and mppdec-esd is for older Mac OS versions.

Make sure these files are in the same folder as the mpc files you want to convert.

Now, open Terminal and go to the folder of the mpps:

[localhost:/] myname% cd /users/myname/desktop/Phaedra

[localhost:~/desktop/Phaedra] myname% ls
Mysterious_Semblance_At_The_Strand_Of Nightmares.mpc

As you can see, in this folder I have my MPC files and the Musepack encoder/decoder. Now, type the following command in the prompt:

./mppdec mympcfile.mpc mympcfile.wav

Where "mympcfile.mpc" is the mpc that you want to decode, and "mympcfile.wav" is the name of the file that's to be decoded.
Press enter and the process will start, this takes a little:

[localhost:~/desktop/Phaedra] myname% ./mppdec Phaedra.mpc Phaedra.wav
MPC Decoder SV7 1.15r 1999-2003 Buschmann/Klemm/Piecha/Wolf

decoding of file 'Phaedra.mpc'
to file 'Phaedra.wav'

Tangerine Dream: Phaedra (, 1974)
[01] Track01 (Rip by Rob / EAC + mpcenc 1.14 q8 )

254.7 kbps, 17:37.54, SV 7.0, Profile 'BrainDead' (Beta 1.14)

17:37.53 (runtime: 45.00 s speed: 23.50x)

[localhost:~/desktop/Phaedra] myname%

And now it's ready. Thats it
This way is only to convert into a wav file, if you want to convert into another format you'll need the appropriate encoder or any program that can do it.

poumpoum 23 October 2004 11:42 am

some more help please
maybe it seems easy or evident for you but in front of my new imac I feel lost, I'm just arriving in this mac universe and the simplest commands stay for me very strange...

"open terminal and go to the folder of the mpps"
I have in my terminal : NeomacG4:- macuser$

I cannot understand what to type after that, I'd rather like to open Phaedra but terminal always answer "no such job" or "no such file or directory"

as you can see I'm very far from the understanding ...

ncm 25 November 2004 05:18 pm


Thanks for those very useful directions. I, too, as a gui-based mac user have no experience with cl, but your post allowed me to convert a folder of .mpc files to .wav. Only thing I did wrong, I think, is move the individual files into the folder with mpp instead of the whole folder containing the files, so I had to convert them one at a time. I assume that if I had put the whole folder there and put that in the pathname it would have converted them all at once. True, false?

Thanks again,


guaren 02 December 2004 03:52 am

Terminal works similar to DOS.
Phaedra is not a command, is my example, an audio file.
if you are in the macuser directory, your full address should be /users/macuser/ . If you have the mpc files in the desktop, the full address of your desktop is /users/macuser/desktop . if you want to go to any address in Terminal you must enter the follow command:
cd directory (where "directory" is the name of the folder, you have to replace)
If you wish to see the content of the folder you must type:
ls (LS)
if you want to run an application you must type:
./appname (if you are in the appname's directory).

First, go to the folder of the mpcs files, the aplication "mppdec" must be in the same folder.
is better to leave all in the desktop.
use the command: cd /users/macuser/desktop
now you are in the desktop folder, the dir you have placed all the mpcs files and mppdec
now you can run the application to convert the files into wav, one at a time. type:

./mppdec mympcfile.mpc mympcfile.wav

Where "mympcfile.mpc" is the mpc that you want to decode, and "mympcfile.wav" is the name of the file that's to be decoded.

I have not tried to do that, but I think that is not possible because the system is allowed to convert
files only, if you put the folder name in the pathname the system will ask you for a file anyway. I have not tried so it maybe could work but I do not think.

ncm 02 December 2004 08:32 am

guaren, thanks for the clarification.



Pretzel 25 March 2005 01:32 am

Will mppenc soon be supporting the encoding of .aiff audio files to ,mpc ?

Is there any special syntax need if input file is other than a .wav audio file?

aban 15 May 2007 01:51 am

great post, it is useful for newbie who need install on mac, I am just one newbie, Thanks.

softarea51 31 July 2007 07:00 pm

Thanks for sharing guaren. Your post is very useful for newbies.

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