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@muse 10 August 2004 09:59 am


I wonder, is it the case, that there is some lack of amplitude in the low
frequency range in MPC, which again make the hights more present.
Or is it just my imagination, when i tried to test this i was encoding
some albums (new) from R.H.C.P, perhaps not the perfect samples to
use, since the latest albums from them are poorely mastered.
But i don`t get the right feeling , i get the impression that the development on MPC,
have been focused on the upper/top frequency range.
We all agree on MPC beeing the best lossy codec i think,
but with a quick look at a spectrum meter, shows more amplitude
on a vbr lame. Do i imagine this, or is there a issue.


Seed 10 August 2004 10:10 am

Please specify which encoder version, submit the sample as a FLAC to the samples database, and post ABX results showing you can or can't hear what you've described. I recommend WinABX for the purpose.

slain 10 August 2004 10:40 am

This is most likely placebo. I never heard that MPC suffered from that kind of problem. Since MPC is transparent in most cases (for an average person) this should have been heard of before.

Also, I think I've heard that winamp's equalizer (if you are using winamp) should be disabled for some reason when playing MPC's. But I guess someone else with better knowledge regarding this should explain it more thorough.

Shy 10 August 2004 10:51 am

If rule number 5 in the terms of service is not clear enough, by making the statements you've made, you indirectly claimed that there is a difference between Musepack and other codecs which don't have the same problem as Musepack, as you indirectly claim.
This is a clear violation of rule number 5 and exactly the type of discussion it is meant to avoid. Consider this a first warning. Thank you.

@muse 10 August 2004 01:56 pm


Working on it, be patient.


@muse 14 August 2004 11:42 am


I just need to say that there always a possebilety of lame
to add more "colored noise", that makes it sound different.
Anyway, my findings was after decoding, and for measurement i used
spectrum view in Wavelab. Do you guys have a reference to a program i should use.! I am not so into audacity, (which got flac,mpc,lame support)
I just can`t get a propper view of it in audacity.
Will decoded snapshots from WA. do, or do you guys wan`t views from
encodings, within audacity(CEP).


slain 14 August 2004 01:28 pm


Read Seed's post again. You need ABX results. Graphs aren't worth a damn thing when it comes to psychoacoustics. You don't know if the noise you see on a graph is audible or not. Use your ears and not your eyes. Provide ABX results that confirm that you can distinguish the MPC-file from the original.

edit: typo

Seed 14 August 2004 01:49 pm


You don't know if the noise you see on a graph is audible or not. Use your ears and not your eyes
I should frame this and hang above my desk :) Well said.

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