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Shy 27 July 2007 03:33 pm

COWON Q5 to support Musepack
COWON's upcoming premium PMP series player, 'COWON Q5' will support Musepack audio. This news comes several months after COWON added Musepack support to the 'COWON A2' player via an official firmware update.

Cthulhu 31 July 2007 08:02 pm

Great news!

Shy 17 December 2007 09:03 am

Q5W released. Looks very nice. W = WLAN :).

KHRoN 06 February 2008 03:34 am

COWON Q5W plays MPC files quite nicely - it can even seek through them, there is no problem with tags display

the only thing is that bitrate is reported incorrectly (it is not mean nor real-time bitrate) and player can (actually it happened once to me) be non-responsive for a while when listening to MPC file and trying to play another track

as for now SV8 (yay! SV8 is out after all!) is unplayable...

(sorry for low quality photos)

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