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oddingeg 16 April 2005 06:26 pm

How to burn audio cd's from MPC?
Hi! I have problems burning my MPC-files to an audio cd. Should I convert them first and in case, with which program?

Shy 16 April 2005 07:57 pm

I don't know what program you use to burn audio CDs, and if it even supports burning directly from MPCs.
If it is supposed to be able to but doesn't, you can contact the author, or post on a forum related to the program.

As for "with which program," this is not a software recommendation forum.
Our website includes links to many applications that can be used to convert or burn MPC files.
The act of registering to this forum to ask this question is much more "complicated" than that of reading the website a bit to find what you need, and using the "Search" feature of this forum also serves a purpose, and so do the Terms of Service.

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