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mkalkbrenner 07 September 2004 07:36 am

musepack support for prokyon3

I'm the project leader of prokyon3.

Prokyon3 is written using Qt.

Several users asked us about supporting musepack. If we do so, we need to read tags from the files and write modified tags to them. Is there a lib (C or C++)? Is there any documentation about how to tag musepack files?

If someone is interested in helping us implementing musepack support, you're welcome!


BTW If you're interested in prokyon3, you may wonder that we didn't release a new version for one year. But prokyon3 is heavily developed and enhanced at the moment (see CVS). We hope to release the new version soon, which will bring a lot of new features.

Seed 07 September 2004 08:21 am

There are 2 developers who can help you. I'll contact them.

Lefungus 07 September 2004 08:36 am

Musepack files use APEv2 tags. You can read more about them here.
You may also want to use Taglib 1.3 which will support ApeV2 tags and musepack but isn't released yet.

mkalkbrenner 07 September 2004 09:06 am

Thanks for your answers.

Due to the fact that we already considering a switch to taglib, using taglib might be the best solution.

Regardless which lib we will use, we are always looking for developers. So if they're interested ...


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