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@muse 04 August 2004 11:35 am

MPC switches.

I have a question regarding MPC`s internal structure,
is there any switches for MPPENC that not are in the /help.
I don`t know about MPC using some frequency filtering or not,?
do it use full range as default, or do it exist a switch for turning it off.
How about MPC`s block allocation.?


Lefungus 04 August 2004 05:03 pm

Usually, average user doesn't need more switches than those provided in mppenc as presets try to be carefully tuned and optimized

Seed 04 August 2004 05:11 pm


When you use "mppenc.exe --verbose" you see the lowpass value (frequency). With mppenc 1.15r, anything from --quality 5.69 and above does not cut the full range (you preserve the full 22.0 kHz). At --standard (--quality 5), the "maximum encoded bandwidth is 20.0 kHz".

As for block allocation, this should really be discussed in "Tech" and a new thread should be opened for such a discussion.

@muse 04 August 2004 09:32 pm


@Lefungus, yes, am looking byond that.
@seed, this is just the info i was looking for. thanks.


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