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ratmmmam 09 January 2005 08:48 pm

compiling source code on linux
mppdec (from source code) run with some strange noise here.

I do not know whats wrong.

make (default) do not compile mppdec, only mppenc (work fine).

"make -f Makefile.nol" compile mppdec (why make [default] do not?), but with some strange noise (diferent from --bits 8 when running [example]).

my mpp.h:

#define USE_NICE
#define MAKE_16BIT

#ifndef FILEIO
# if defined MPP_ENCODER
# define FILEIO 1 // mppenc still uses buffered ANSI-I/O
# elif defined MPP_DECODER
# define FILEIO 2
# else
# error Neigher MPP_DECODER nor MPP_ENCODER is defined. Abort.
# endif

#define VIRT_SHIFT 18
#define IBUFLOG2 14
#define USE_ARGV

//#define USE_ASM >>> because do not compile otherwise here


I tried old version 1.7.8a (compiling from source code also) and it run fine here... The problem is with version 1.15s

I use slackware here.

Shy 11 January 2005 05:23 pm

mppdec has problems compiling with 1.15, however, fixing it is not a part of anyone's priorities as mppdec is very outdated, by the libmusepack decoding library. Work is being done on porting mppdec to using libmusepack.

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