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maciekwolf 18 April 2007 09:29 am

RADlight plugin pls help
I am trying to set up the RADlight plugin so my dad can listen to mpc files on his WMP without having to confuse him with other media players (myself using the winamp plugin which works just fine). So I downloaded and installed the plugin to the default directory C:\WINDOWS\system32, it said the filter was registered, restarted WMP but it will not play the mpc files. I tried installing the plugin in WMP through tools-options-plugins-audio dsp but WMP will only look at .exe and .dll files and cannot see the file.
Am I missing something? I had a good look through the forum and saw several people got WMP to play mpc files using this plugin but they did not leave any explanations as to how. The website seems to have evolved into a travel portal so is of little use.
Can someone pls help with this otherwise banal problem.
Mucho appreciato

Shy 18 April 2007 06:04 pm

Wow, LeaseDomains stole RadLight's .org domain, the forum is temporarily gone, and links to some stuff including their DirectShow filters still lead to Frustrating.

I personally don't know about this problem. Try to play mpc files with another DirectShow player like Media Player Classic first to see if the filter installed OK.
Another thought, is this on Windows Vista?

maciekwolf 18 April 2007 06:53 pm

Thanks for the reply, Shy, and your most logical suggestion.
Of course as soon as i loaded up media player classic it was able to pick up the files just fine so I went back to wmp and realized what i was doing wrong.
For the benefit of other people who get stuck with stupid annoying little things like me: wmp first throws an error message about the unknown extension, which if you get past it, is followed by another about unknown codec. After you install the radlight codec and try to play a file, it will still tell you it doesn't know the extension and this is where i was getting stuck wrongly assuming that it can't play the file. But if you click "give it a go anyway" and tick the box "don't bs me anymore" it will actualy proceed to play the file using the installed filter. After that you can set up file association manually via folder options and all works well.
So a typical case of being not paying attention to error messages, which is what i usually get mad with my dad for, o well.
All the best with helping other codec noobs :shock:

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