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Soupaloop 22 February 2005 05:11 pm

Ripping Audio Cd's to MPC then Burning
I am really new to the MPC file format,(like as in 15 min) but i really like it. My mom got a cd made and I need to make a few copies to send to recording lables. I think that it would sound better, if i took the audio files off in the MPC format. I can't find that StreamVersion7 app, if it is even an app at all. What exactly do I need to be able to rip and burn her cd in MPC format. If you have a tutorial or something it would be greatly appreciated

Lefungus 22 February 2005 06:39 pm

You should google for tutorials. one of them is this one . I myself use EAC to do the ripping/encoding/tagging.
If you just want to burn to cds, encoding to mpc will lead to a quality loss, like any lossy encoder.

Seed 22 February 2005 06:46 pm

Maybe this guide will be easy for you to follow:

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