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drmrbrewer 20 July 2005 06:40 pm

foobar2000 is a really excellent application, and it's great that musepack seems to all intents and purposes to be integrated into it. I think I just kissed winamp goodbye.

I know this isn't the foobar2000 forum, but am I right (or hopeful) in thinking that if I select a whole bunch of files in the playlist, and tick the "use replaygain" box in the diskwriter settings window, all those files will be replaygained as a group and the sound level of the resulting mpc files will be normalised across that group?


Shy 20 July 2005 09:05 pm

If you "scan the selection as album," track gain as well as album gain will be applied to that group of files and you'd be able to play them back using either mode, or if you use ReplayGain during conversion, the mode you selected is the one that'll be applied to the audio data itself (thus changing the original volume), no playback choise. If the files are unrelated, as in, from various unrelated albums, using track gain for playback (or conversion) would be a better solution since those files may have significantly different volume each, so the album gain, which is one avarage value for all the files, wouldn't mean much and you'd still get big volume differences between tracks. But with track gain, you get a more or less equal volume for every track on the list.

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