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crazee_canuck 01 May 2005 05:12 am

Preferred mppdec version?
Which is the recommended version of mppdec to use of either 1.15v or 1.95e ? I'm questioning
it because I never seen binary versions of mppdec other than 1.95 (and I never see any source versions of 1.95) :)

Edit: I have the source for 1.15. I can't find the source for 1.95.

Seed 01 May 2005 05:57 am

mppdec 1.95e is the version to use. There is no 1.15v decoder. 1.9x decoders can decode both the current streamversion files (created by 1.1x encoders) and pre-SV8 files (produced by 1.9x encoders).

crazee_canuck 01 May 2005 06:02 am



$ mppdec --version
MPC Decoder  SV7  1.15v  3DNow/SSE  (C) 1999-2003 Buschmann/Klemm/Piecha/Wolf

That was compiled from the source code at

/me 's quite confused then. :P

Seed 01 May 2005 06:19 am

This is not an official compile. The source it was created from is probably the source that comes together with the encoder. We did not create a 1.15v decoder and there hasn't been any development on those since Frank Klemm's last effort (mid-2003)

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