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Scathfell 27 June 2005 02:34 am

? About tagging
I was curious is there any plugins for winamp to allow it to read ape2 tags. Currently it is reading the data but it is in the wrong columns. Also if this is not possible what are some other good free players out there that support mpc and ape2. I have 800+ cds that I am compressing. Thanks for any info.


Seed 27 June 2005 03:12 am

I don't know anything about wrong columns. I've never seen this problem before. Anyway, you should drop WinAmp and try foobar2000 - as it is a much better player, especially for MPC files.

Scathfell 27 June 2005 05:34 am

Well the parameters I have installed in the command line do not seem to be appropriately apev2 tagging the file in eac when I compress. I think I have been given like 4 different command lines and I just need a solid answer. The files when I look them descriptively say that they are tagged but the said information is not getting inserted. So when I use foobar it says

So I have no real idea what I am doing wrong any direction would be greatly appreciated.


xmixahlx 27 June 2005 07:06 pm

from that information, it looks like the parameters EAC would use to tag files are being inserted instead of the variable information that the parameter stands for.

i believe there is an EAC commandline example in the MPC sticky thread in MPC/General on HA


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