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bradmatic 24 March 2005 05:22 am

Can't Encode Under Fedora 3
Hello all,

I d/l'ed the 1.15v encoder and installed it in /usr/bin. When I go to encode a .wav file, I'll use a command like:

$ /usr/bin/mppenc --xtreme file.wav file.mpc

I get the following:

Artist =
CD =
Title =
No# =
Extent = .wav
Year =
ERROR: Could not create output file 'file.mpc'

Where "file" is replaced by a real file, of course. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

ak 24 March 2005 12:58 pm

Looking at tagger output ('Artist =...'), you're not running this command from /, are you?
Most probably you don't have write permissions to the dir.

bradmatic 24 March 2005 04:11 pm

Good call...I had permissions to the actual files and the directory they were in, but not the directory above that. Changed those permissions and everything works fine!


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