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danieldc 02 October 2005 07:42 pm

How to restore / convert some files?
Hi, I downloaded some files and they are in MPC format and some of them are "broken after frame..." when I try to convert them to WAV using the MPC Batch Encoder.

The program MPC Decoder SV7 1.95e says:
"265.6 kbps, 3:59.05, SV 7.0, Profile 'Insane' (Beta 1.06)
"broken frame 6088/9151 (decoded size=6822, size in stream=6755)

What can I do? Is there some way to convert these files (to wav/mp3) ?

Also, I saw that these files have some text information. How to extract tese infos?

thanks, yours,
Daniel Calegari -
from Brazil

Shy 02 October 2005 07:51 pm

1. You can't do anything if you got corrupted files except reget them reliably.
2. Converting MPCs to MP3s is hardly what I'd call "restoring", more like "severely degrading".
3. I'm not sure what you mean by extract, but if you want to copy the entire tag information from a file you could use foobar2000 (right click > properties > copy).

danieldc 02 October 2005 08:09 pm

Hi, thanks.

I can not imagine what happened to the files (only 3 of 20). I'm used to download music files (MP3s), and only few times some are "corrupted".

I'm not interested about "restoring" files to the best sound ever made, as I got them from internet and I can not control how some users had converted their sound tracks. I'm interested about burning an audio CD with the extra files in some common format (that's MP3 just now... perhaps R2D2-HAL9000 at future :D ). With that I say, MPC sounds good, like OGG or whatelse... but it's not so famous, used, and them lacks friendship-ness to the unknown users (not everybody is going to uninstall rUindows or go to download plugins XPTO... 8)

By "Extract" I mean, I want text info in a text file.
Ok, I got the foobar2000. Nice player, but do not play the "corrupt" file after some point.

Is ther some player capable do play the corrupt file till the end?It's no problem if I have some click... but I want the music from begining till the last note.

Thanks, yours,
Daniel Calegari -
from Brazil

Shy 02 October 2005 08:23 pm

I didn't think this thread was about how famous Musepack is, and I have no idea what's "unfriendly" about it. You're even using its support forum right now. Surely you can keep Windows, don't throw it away just yet. Take a look at our Program Overview page if you really want to get a hint of how widely used and non-requiring MPC is.
I mentioned foobar2000 because it can do what you wanted, copy the info which you can paste from the clipboard to a txt file. As I mentioned, you can't do anything about corrupted MPC files, just like you can't restore any other corrupted multimedia file type properly.
And finally, I don't suppose you downloaded Creative Commons licensed free music from your friend's server.
Please read our terms of service, the link is bold and on top of the page for good reasons.

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