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Lebon14 11 December 2005 02:26 am

MPC > MP3 Errors with dBPowerAmp
Hi! I'm new around. Hmm... I decode MPC to MP3 with dbPowerAmp and some files are "broken". I used the tool to check it and they are really broken. What can I do to encode while overiding the errors??? here's a quick scrrenshots of it...

Here's a screenshot of dbPowerAmp errors :

Please help me!

Shy 11 December 2005 02:36 am

Hi Lebon14.
It's indeed not the software's fault. Your files are simply corrupted, what may have been caused by a hard drive failure, unsuccessful file restoration, or most likely, in which case I hope you read the forum rules, unsuccessful file transfer over the internet, so unfortunately there's nothing you can do except copy the tracks from the CD and encode again.
You may want to read this thread.

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