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cow_2001 14 February 2005 10:55 am

return values of mppdec
Hi, I want to incorporate mppdec in a simple script to help someone to convert *.mpc file to *.wav so he then can burn that as a music cd.
What are the return values of mppdec in different situations?

Thank you for your time.

xmixahlx 14 February 2005 05:57 pm

you didn't include OS... so...

on a unix platform using a shell script:

(1) you can pipe mppdec to cdrecord

(2.1) or just recursively decode to wav, then burn with cdrecord *wav



for file in *mpc


 nice --adjustment=15 mppdec --wav "$file" .


(2.2) or use the old example in mppdec --help


mppdec --prev *.mpc . && cdrecord -v -dao dev=sony -audio *.wav

(3) or #2.1 + gui (k3b, etc)


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