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Slo Mo Snail 06 September 2004 09:28 pm

Autotools for libmusepack [edit:done in 1.0.3] and plugins?
is anybody working on this? I already hacked together a working solution for libmusepack, probably someone is interested in it?
When there's interest I can write it also for the plugins

Lefungus 07 September 2004 08:29 am

I already did this myself for the lib and bmp/xmms plugins but honestly i don't see why it's really needed. It add bloat everywhere. Autotools have lots of disavantadges. Still libmusepack will have it since i can use it to automatically choose big/little endian and find right types.

Slo Mo Snail 07 September 2004 11:52 am

Well one advantage would be, that you don't need to edit the Makefile (the CFLAGS are x86 and gcc-only) anymore for other architectures than x86
sure it's bloat but there are also advantages

Lefungus 24 November 2004 05:08 pm

Here is libmusepack-1.0.3
No changes in the code itself, but a lot in the build process. This package now uses autotools and correctly detects which integer types to use. So now it should correctly install on any *nix appropriately. I gladly accept any criticism and feedback on it since I'm quite new to autotools. Surely some things could be done better. Now is the time to say it. If it appears this build is correct, it'll replace 1.0.2 currently hosted at

libmusepack-1.0.3 is now hosted on with some changes from the package posted here. Be sure to update/upgrade it.

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