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drmrbrewer 19 February 2005 08:16 pm

Hardware player?
I'm a big fan of musepack, and have been using it for several years (I still think of it as mpeg plus), but when will I be able to listen to my mpc files on a portable player? I would guess it's not widespread enough for manufacturers to provide compatibility, or at least provide an option to customise to add musepack functionality e.g. through firmware. Or am I wrong?

Thanks for a great utility,


cane 19 February 2005 08:50 pm

Maybe in the near future something will happen:


drmrbrewer 19 February 2005 08:58 pm

Great news.
That is excellent. I'll be one of the first in the queue for an mpc compatible player.



user 26 February 2005 12:15 am

there are (portable) hardware players
laptop, notebook, linux or windows

ok, u might think, laptop is too big, still ?

well, maybe u own already a Pocket PC, PPC, pda !
then u are able to play mpc since some time,
it should be ARM based,
get the betaplayer from corecodec. (the common pda's, PPC's are all ARM based, so check your organizer, GPS car navigator, with high probability it can play MPC !)

even your Smartphone can play MPC by betaplayer plugin..., so told me an Australian friend.

last but not least:
a player from China, but one model with inofficial mpc support is already outdated, but rumours told, it is worked on a new model, which might be released in summer...

bagder 04 March 2005 09:14 pm is considering it as well. Soon on iRiver h1x0 and Archos Gmini players near you.

KHRoN 06 November 2005 02:02 am

well... ;]
ROCKbox is actually capable of playing:

- flac
- mp3
- mpc
- ogg
- wav
- mpa
- a52

so there is portable musepack player already :] iRiver H-120/H-140 (chcecked) and upcoming for H-320/H-340 :)

Shy 06 November 2005 07:50 pm

Yes, as was mentioned on the news on our site (this thread is earlier).

Mr_Rabid_Teddybear 27 January 2006 05:50 am

Played Musepack files (as well as wavpack and flac files) on my iRiver H340 international after finally daring to install Rockbox H300 Optimized today. MPC playback works beautifully! :D
Seeking doesn't work, though, but as I understand they where unable to implement this for Musepack files.... Well, I usually hear tracks through, so it don't mean much to me...

EDIT: Yes, and BTW, I just checked if replaygain functions for Musepack. It does!

Seed 27 January 2006 09:16 am

They intentionally didn't support seeking because of the inherent slowdowns while doing it in SV7. They didn't consider the fast seeking hack because of the chance to damage ears.

KHRoN 09 February 2006 12:55 am


Finally I have my very own H100 :) (H140 actually)... after exams I'll try to install rockBOX on it and give a try to MPC-on-the-go :)

KHRoN 12 February 2006 12:17 am

ok, now I am satisfied... :)
H140+rockbox = MPC wherever I go :)

and it works surprisingly fine... ;] good work :]

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