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puck 14 August 2004 05:39 pm

gentoo media-sound/muse media-sound/musepack-tools error
Hello there.

I get the following error message with many of my mpc files:

Superframe-size != 1: not supported anymore. Please decode with command-line tool!

I don't want to recode all the files. Any suggestions?


Seed 14 August 2004 06:05 pm

Your problem seems to be ID3v2 tags that the MPCs are tagged with. You can try the program id3v2 this way: id3v2 -D YourSong.mpc. It will remove the non-compliant tags, and then you can retag the files with APEv2 tags, which are the only tags MPC supports natively.

puck 14 August 2004 08:05 pm

Thank you for your correct (it worked very well) and very fast answer. ;)

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