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macgruder 03 January 2007 05:36 pm

Is there loss of quality with mpc -> CD?
I'm sure this is a silly question but is the aiff file as good as the original mpc file?

In theory,
cd -> mpc .braindead


$ mppdec --aiff *.mpc new_cd_folder


burn new_cd_folder

Would the new CD some much the same as the original CD (in as much .braindead sounds much the same)?

This has some real life relevance in that I want to move, and burn all my CDs onto my computer without bringing the physical disks. But certain CDs I might want to recreate later. (I don't have the space for lossless).

Many thanks.

xmixahlx 03 January 2007 06:26 pm

your burned CD sourced from musepack encoded files will sound the same as the musepack encoded files

(the files are decoded much the same way when you listen to them...)

that isn't the same thing as saying "CD = CD>musepack>CD" which includes one instance of lossy encoding.


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