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Shillom 07 April 2009 03:34 pm

What about a flash-based musepack player ?

It is my first post on your forum, but I'm using musepack for a long time, because I consider it as one of the best encoding algorythm.

I had a look on internet, searching for information on how to play mpc files from a web site using a flash-based player, and I didn't found any. That's why I am here to ask for information directly to the source :)

Do you know any flash-based music player able to handle musepack files ? The best for me would be a dynamic one, able to find files on several directories, but any information would be welcome...


Shy 07 April 2009 06:16 pm


I'm not aware of any.
It would definitely be nice to listen to good quality audio on a website for a change. I have to prepare myself mentally before opening a YouTube, MySpace or Facebook link.

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