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Antonski 14 March 2008 09:50 am

MPC logo license

I would like to ask whether the logo (mpc_logo.bmp found in svn) is copyrighted? If it is, under what license?
I'm asking this (maybe silly) question, because I've had the intention to upload the logo to Wikipedia, however I have to specify a suitable license for the image.
I've translated the Musepack wiki page to bulgarian and I thought that it will looks better with the logo :)

Seed 14 March 2008 09:28 pm

A Bulgarian user on the forum designed the logo. Either he or I will get back to you when he's decided under what terms it can be published outside the site.

Seed 17 March 2008 01:44 pm

Antonski 21 March 2008 04:41 pm

Thanks, Wiki updated:

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