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krtek 14 January 2005 10:46 am

help needer about new version of libmusepack
Hi, i'm rewritting a plugin that i've coded to use the new C version of libmusepack, and I've some problems (and I'm a little bit lazy to search too :P)


/// Actually reads data from previously initialized stream. Call

/// this iteratively to decode the mpc stream.

/// param buffer destination buffer for decoded samples

/// param vbr_update_acc todo document me

/// param vbr_update_bits todo document me

/// return -1 if an error is encountered

/// return 0 if the stream has been completely decoded successfully and there are no more samples

/// return > 0 to indicate the number of bytes that were actually read from the stream.

mpc_uint32_t mpc_decoder_decode(

  mpc_decoder *d,


  mpc_uint32_t *vbr_update_acc,

  mpc_uint32_t *vbr_update_bits);

What must be the values of the to params that need documentation ?

I have some complains about the code of config_types.h too, it'll be a good idea to test and define __CONFIG_TYPES_H_MPC__ instead of __CONFIG_TYPES_H__, because some other libs use the same macro and this leads to some problems :)

kuniklo 14 January 2005 10:59 pm

You can just pass NULL for the last two parameters. They aren't required.

Changing the #define is a good idea. I'll do that before we release the new libmusepack. Thanks for the feedback.

krtek 17 January 2005 04:14 pm

Thanks a lot... now all's fine with my plugin :)

Lefungus 17 January 2005 04:47 pm

And the awaited question:

What is your plugin ? :)

krtek 20 January 2005 01:28 pm

I've already talk a little about it on IRC.

It's for an old unix' console player : mp3blaster.

In fact, I have a file server who's connected to my audio system. And I was looking for a console player to play my mpc.
After some search, I've decided to code some plugin for mp3blaster ;)

My code is a litle bit hugly, and there's no recognition of apev2 tag nor id3v2, but i can share it if someone is interested

NB: a complete recompilation of mp3blaster is needed to add the mpc reading capability ;)

xmixahlx 20 January 2005 06:05 pm

perhaps a project called lamip will satisfy your needs

it is a core player with CLI or GUI control, and support many formats via plugins.

also, it supports streaming, alternate output and is constantly in development.

go to #lamip on to talk to devs or the homepage:

if anything, your needs can be met by adding this functionality to the program, and both are happy :)


krtek 22 January 2005 02:08 pm

I've already heard of Lamip, but since my last try, it seems that a lot of work were done :)

However, it still fails a console interface a little bit more useable than the default :)

If I've some times, I could give a try, but I've exams in few time, so we will see.

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