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jinzora 13 June 2005 02:48 am

Musepack to MP3 transcoding on-the-fly for streaming

I'd like to let everyone know that we've added a new transcoding engine into the upcoming 2.0.5 release of Jinzora (this is in our CVS tree now). This allows for transcoding on-the-fly in real-time from many formats to MP3 (to allow streaming). We currently support:

Musepack, Flac, Wavpack, Ogg, WAV, MP3

You can on-the-fly resample all of these formats to MP3 at a user selectable bitrate to allow easier streaming of these file types. You can also select the format you would like files downloaded in when downloading (although this takes longer as all the files for the download have to be created before downloading).

We would love some feedback from the Musepack community on this feature. Please stop by our site at:

Be sure to grab the latest CVS or nightly build - as I said the code will be in our upcoming 2.0.5 release.

Thanks, and enjoy!


Shy 13 June 2005 04:47 pm

Hi jinzora, your project seems very nice.
The transcoding solution is fine, but if you intend to download a file, I can think of no reason to download a poor quality transcoded file rather than a high quality original MPC file.
However, if the source is a lossless file, the case is different of course. Some users would still prefer to download a high quality lossy file converted from a lossless file though, such as users with slow internet connections, and Musepack offers the highest possible quality. So my feedback is: You should have an option to convert to Musepack for downloading.

jinzora 13 June 2005 05:19 pm


Thanks for the input. To be clear that's how it works right now. If the source file is MPC you can download it as MPC. If it's, say, Flac, you can download it as MPC. So you can convert from X to Y so you get all the flexibility you'd want.

That way if the source is Flac you can download MPC
If it's MPC (and you want) you can download MP3

That last is great for me, as my iPod doesn't play MPC :-)



Shy 13 June 2005 05:30 pm

Aha, so this feature exists already. Very well :).

xmixahlx 13 June 2005 05:51 pm

are all source files lossless?

and is it obvious what the source format is?

...<going to site>


jinzora 13 June 2005 05:53 pm

Not sure what you mean? The goal here is to transcode from X format to MP3 for streaming, or X format to Y format for downloading...

Make sense?


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