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Sina 05 December 2006 11:18 pm

Next Generation Of Muse Pack

Whats your plan of future versions of Muse Pack?

Shy 06 December 2006 02:06 am

A not too technical summary: SV8 will solve existing limitations of the format. Musepack will be container independant and properly muxable into containers other than the new MPC container (MKA, MKV, NUT, etc.). It will be flexible and embeddable in any type of multimedia framework without hassle for developers. Seeking will be optimal, and it will support proper streaming. As for the audio coding part, improvements and changes are possible, it depends on the amount of support we receive and people involved.

For detailed preliminary specifications and work in progress you can view our Trac repository.

And it's "Musepack", not "MusePack" and not "Muse Pack" :)

Sina 06 December 2006 08:25 am

Thanks Shy for infos i knew it's Musepack, but it's freak like PowerDVD:mad:

Only Muse Pack

Shy 06 December 2006 01:32 pm

You don't write Muse Pack like you don't write Hard Ware, Key Board, Micro Soft and Tele Phone. It's "Musepack", live with it.

Sina 06 December 2006 09:06 pm


Like Wavpack?

Shy 06 December 2006 10:54 pm

WavPack is spelled "WavPack". And this is the Musepack forum. Now I'd appreciate it if you stopped telling us how you prefer to spell formats' names wrong.

Sina 06 December 2006 11:51 pm

Ok Shy...
Just kidding...

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