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Muse 15 April 2009 12:42 pm

Cowon Players - Firmware Update to sv8?
Hi Moderators,

I would like to adress to you in order to approach Cowon to update the firmware of A2, A3 and Q5W Players. It's not possible to play Musepack sv8 on the respective players because Cowon failed to update the firmware. As an owner of an A2 player (I bought this player just because it supports musepack!) it's not possible to play all my to sv8 converted files! So my player is completely devaluated!

Please could you impose some pressure upon Cowon?

Thank you very much


Shy 15 April 2009 02:59 pm

That's strange. I got an update from Cowon long ago that SV8 support will be added soon. I'll write to the contact regarding it. We can't put any pressure on them, though, only Cowon player owners in general can. I'll post an update when I know something.

Until then, I'd suggest not to crucify Cowon yet ;), they've been great and it's most probably something they're just late with but will resolve eventually, hopefully soon. You can ask about SV8 support on their forums or through the contact form on their site.

Muse 15 April 2009 07:13 pm

Hello Shy,

thank you very much for your answer! I tried to register at IAUDIOphile forums several times, but never received a registration mail. The moderators there don't care (see: New User Registration Problems) for their forum! I'm not the only one! Many users complained, because they didn't get registration mails. The forum seems to be a closed shop!


Shy 16 April 2009 01:58 am

A little update: the info I sent will be passed directly to Cowon's R&D department. I do assume they'll implement SV8 support as soon as they can. I'll let you know if I get any other update. Until then, I think it's still a good idea to show your interest (if it's technically possible..) in a firmware update to SV8.

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