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Seed 08 October 2004 03:34 pm

Testing a new CVS server
We want to run a new file/CVS server in a few months. I am not sure what hardware it will use but I want to test the amount of connections the software can handle right now, before I evaluate other solutions (like 64-bit Linux which I will test in 2 weeks). It's a web site. It has 4 big pictures in it. If you choose to visit it and help us, ignore the speed. It will be SLOW, since many will access it at once. Just post here if you were able to load all 4 pics and please post as soon as you're done. Thank you all for your patience.

DEATH 08 October 2004 03:53 pm


Lefungus 08 October 2004 03:54 pm

3 minutes to download cats pictures and some usb key :)

rpop 08 October 2004 04:11 pm

Took 2 minutes and 9 seconds here.

Speek 08 October 2004 05:27 pm

Yep, I saw 4 pics (+ Firefox prevented a popup).

mll 08 October 2004 08:22 pm

Pretty fast for me < 1mn

Tec9SD 08 October 2004 09:26 pm

It fully worked for me.

I believe the pop-up comes from the redirection service.

Bye, tec

Seed 08 October 2004 11:47 pm

Thanks for your help in testing the server. The site is now down.

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