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bagder 04 March 2005 09:23 pm

libmusepack licensing
Hello good people!

I'm one of the people involved in the Rockbox ( project. We work hard since a few years back on writing a firmware for portable music players. Rockbox is 100% GPL.

To make a long story short. We want to be able to use libmusepack in Rockbox. But the Original BSD license of the code prevents us from being able to distribute binaries due to the "GPL incompatibility".

Has this issue been addressed before? Any chance of the license to get changed to the Modified BSD license? Any chance of a special handicrafted license for our purpose?

Thanks for your time.

bagder 04 March 2005 09:35 pm


Sorry for being stupid. I read the license again, this time with my eyes open. Now I realize this is a Modified BSD license.

Issue solved. Never mind. Move on, nothing to see here.

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