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AndreasG 27 December 2004 09:37 am

Encoding and Decoding works fine -- but how to PLAY it???
Hi everybody,

I stumbled over MPC-encoded files on many occasions on the internet and I really appreciate that there is a high quality audio compression codec which is better than MP3. Quality is very important to me...

I am a Mac (and Linux) user (and will always be, as I hate Window$...). Encoding .WAV-Files to MPC works just fine on my Mac, and decoding back to .WAV is also no problem. BUT: What point ist there in encoding music if there is absolutely no way to *play* it???!!!

Or am I missing something? Is there any way to play back .MPC-files on a Mac? An iTunes plugin would be perfect of course, but any other way would also be appreciated...

Thanks for any help, Andreas

Shy 27 December 2004 03:57 pm

You're not missing a thing. No one has made a plugin for iTunes or any Mac player yet.

xmixahlx 27 December 2004 07:14 pm

you'll need xmms built on the mac to and mppdec to playback musepack.

also, you could try actually building libmusepack and the xmms-plugin statically (since they now have autotools) - TrN was unsuccessful with the earlier xmms-plugins...

i'd also be interested in knowing if the decoder will output to sound device on a mac (i dunno)


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