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SweMule 02 August 2004 12:13 pm

New SV 7.5
I read here and there about the next generation MPC encoder (SV 7.5) that it is in development at the moment. Any news on how it goes?. When aprox can we see It's release?.

guruboolez 03 August 2004 01:33 pm

It depends on Frank Klemm agenda and motivations. He has probably a job, it's summer even in germany... We have to be patient. Waiting for autumn seems reasonable to me :-)

SweMule 03 August 2004 03:11 pm

Thanks for the information.

iwod 07 August 2004 05:24 am

I always have this question in my head....... why don't we jump straight to Sv8 instead on concentrate on SV 7.5?

Eli 07 August 2004 11:23 pm

I have the same question? Im not sure why we wont see all of the planned changes for SV8 that make MPC more compatible with portable playback. I sure would be nice.

Seed 08 August 2004 05:49 am

7.5 is supposed to be a bridge towards SV8. SV8 is far from finished, and Frank would need a LOT of help before he attempts to finalize it. Since members of the community are waiting patiently for *any* update from him, it makes sense to work on a version with fixed seeking first. The stream version has to be drastically changed to allow that, which would explain why Frank needs time (that is, if he's still working on it). He also mentioned ReplayGain 0.89 and quite a few time-consuming fixes to known bugs. I wouldn't expect to hear any news from him soon, but maybe in 3-4 months.

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