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dkraft 27 February 2005 01:23 pm

compile error mppdec
in trying to compile
make mppdec
I get
wave_out.c:1023:19: audio.h: No such file or directory
I have several audio.h in my Fedora Core 3
and I suppose no one of these is meant
Can you give me a hint, please


Lefungus 27 February 2005 07:42 pm

I believe it's some esd headers. Try to install the devel package for it

ak 27 February 2005 11:35 pm

That would be irix in fact.
Try if commenting line 57 in mpp.h (the one with '#define USE_IRIX_AUDIO') helps.

xmixahlx 28 February 2005 06:49 pm

make sure you're compiling the right decoder!


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