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miksha 12 August 2004 11:33 pm

Slighthly modified Winamp MPC plugin!
I changed code for Winamp 2.xx|5.xx MPC plugin [v0.98] to skip tracks with dead entries on a list. It was quite annoying (to me) when plugin reported an error on dead track in a playlist while stopping winamp. Now it just skips nonexisting songs in the playlist.

If interested ask Ben Dor to place it on a site.

Regards, Miksha!

Lefungus 13 August 2004 06:50 pm

Why don't you update the latest version of winamp plugin, ie 0.99 instead of 0.98. Case is currently maintaining these winamp plugins (if i'm not wrong), so maybe you should send him a patch against this version

miksha 13 August 2004 08:31 pm

Well, go to and tell me if you can find source for v0.99. I can't. Version 0.99 is still alpha on Case's site and 0.98 is beta.

I did this mainly for myself and it was just my good will to share it with others. You don't have to attack me for that. Also I have lousy internet connection and I can' alert all people related to MPC development.

Regards, Miksha

Lefungus 14 August 2004 11:05 am

I don't think i *attacked* you...
I'll try to see if we can get those 0.99d sources instead so you can patch this one. We'll be glad to host your modified version after

@muse 14 August 2004 11:25 am


Just a impression, it seems like the musepack section on cases server
isn`t maintained , but loads of foobar. So i assume he maybe got himself
another interest.. ? (please arrest me if am wrong.).


miksha 14 August 2004 01:57 pm

I tried to contact Case through the e-mail contact at his sight and I received response from Janne Hyvärinen who sent me this link: I will download it and patch the code and I can resend this new plugin to But I will send patch to Janne Hyvärinen, too. I would also very much like if all new versions of Winamp plugin would work the way I changed it for myself.

And yes, I also think that Case's site is a bit outdated or maybe not so regularly updated. Maybe I'm wrong.

Regards, Miksha!

miksha 16 August 2004 12:24 am

I changed code in v0.99d and I will try to send it to Shy. If anyone interested ofcourse. Also I sent patched segment of code to Janne.

Regards, Miksha

mll 27 August 2004 11:37 am

I for one am *pretty much* interested : the evoqued popup annoys me too !

Thansk for your initiative ! :) Hope it will be on soon...



miksha 28 August 2004 03:05 am

Thanx! As people on does not seam too much interested, I asked my friend to post it at his site. You can download it from:

Also there will be soon WhereIsIt plugin for MPC files, which works much faster than the last one. (You can visit the main page and find some interesting stuff also at:

Regards Miksha!

Shy 28 August 2004 08:48 pm

It's not that the people on don't want to add it, it's that there has been very little to no request of it, so it wasn't very high on people's priority lists, including the main programmer's (Case).
Recently he found some time to work on it. Apparently he didn't receive, or misplaced miksha's fix, so he added the same kind of fix on his own, and the new version is now added to the site (including the source code).
Thanks for your annotation of this issue, and for your work, Miksha.

miksha 29 August 2004 12:59 am

I downloaded the source you mentioned (v0.99e) & its functionality is not much different than the previous (v0.99d). Error messages are just blocked, but Winamp still gets stopped. There is no crucial difference. Clicking once or twice is pretty much same to me. What I did was when (just one) error "file doesn't exist" occurs, Winamp jumps to another song and you don't have to click OK on error message or start Winamp to play by clicking on another song. When other errors occur you get message boxes normally.

I'd like to ask you for a Case's contact e-mail address if available. Thanx!

Regards, Miksha

Case 29 August 2004 03:23 pm

That was a stupid mistake on my part. Fixed in 0.99f.

mll 30 August 2004 05:20 pm

IMHO, this tread is a typical example of how the -small- MPC developpers community needs coordination, collaboration, and mostly communication. :(

I believe that the new, and the people behind it, will help.

Whatever plug-in I'll use, thanks a lot to Case and Miksha for their works, and hopefully we won't fork the Winamp plugin developement. :)



miksha 30 August 2004 08:35 pm

You're absolutely right! I had to use provocation with some people to change things. Apologies to everyone (particulary to Lefungus, who really did a great job with XMMS/BMP mpc plugin). On the other hand some people deserved it because of their attitude.

This process should work in a much more different way. I also stand behind idea that it should be e.g. just one Winamp plugin instead of lot of variations. Some ideas are not interesting to many people, I admit. Maybe error popup isn't crucial to many? But if we think that way, we could say that audio formats different to MP3 are also not crucial to many and stop developing MPC. I just want to say that any suggestion should be considered, and if it's worth, built into the official release. Main programmers cannot see all bugs and get all ideas on their own. Please don't get me wrong, because I really respect all the work they've done and I'm gratefull to them.

Regards, Miksha

miksha 30 August 2004 09:55 pm

I accidently found another bug in Winamp plugin v0.99f related to error messages. When you open a playlist with no valid entries at all, Winamp gets freezed (not responding). You can only call Windows Task Manager and simply kill it. When there is at least on valid song in playlist it skips all nonexisting. The way I changed it, it just gets stopped (when no valid song at all) or skips (when there is at least one valid).

Source that was changed by me can be found at . I only changed in_mpc.cpp (comment string is "//miksha added").

Regards, Miksha

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