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Ishan 13 January 2005 10:13 pm

MPPDEC Nightmare
I'm trying to find a suitable command line to simply decode all .mpc from a directory to .wav
the problem is when i'm doing :

mppdec *.mpc .
it decodes everything but the files have the extension .mpc.wav :(
if anyone know how to prevent that, i'll be really happy :D

xmixahlx 14 January 2005 07:27 am

huh? yeah

rename 's/mpc.wav/wav/' *wav

i don't remember it doing that for me...

i was using a script, tho:


for file in *mpc


 nice --adjustment=15 mppdec --wav "$file" .


(i have a slow comp and lots to do!)


Seed 14 January 2005 11:17 am

xmixahlx, that's a great script, but for the wrong OS :)

Ishan, I cannot make rename do what you want in a script. I'm sure someone else will post a solution.

Ishan 14 January 2005 03:04 pm

Yea i tried every Ren command till i got a big headache :(
I'm pretty rusty when it comes to .bat files.

cane 14 January 2005 03:33 pm

If you're running Windows and you've got the "for" command try:


for %I in (*.mpc) do mppdec --wav "%I" .

/edit: tried it myself... doesn't solve your problem :(

Ishan 14 January 2005 03:51 pm

Thx anyway :)
it's a pitty but i'm thinking of using another audio format due to this problem. There's too many files to do it by hand :|

Seed 14 January 2005 04:02 pm

I've seen plenty of rename utilities with a GUI that you just drag & drop your files to and it renames them and solves the problem of multiple extensions. They also work recursively. Do you really want to switch to another format just because of this? Google for one of these freeware programs and choose the one you prefer.

Ishan 14 January 2005 04:18 pm

It must be done in a command line environement, it'll be migrated to a NSIS installer latter. musepack is used to reduce the installer size, it's the best losy format i've came across as of now.
I know it sounds silly to dump mpc because of this, but the only command line decoder i know of for musepack is mppdec :)

Shy 14 January 2005 04:21 pm

I don't understand several things. Why it's so important that the files have .mpc in their name, because those decoded files are most likely files you're not going to keep for very long and only need temporarily, for burning, or some other thing. And, you can use one of the endless renaming programs out there, that are aimed at solving exactly this kind of incompetency of Windows's internal rename. With a little program like RenameFiles you can simply change all ".mpc.wav" parts in files to ".wav".
Furthermore, you can expect this issue to be solved in a future mppdec release.

xmixahlx 14 January 2005 06:19 pm


xmixahlx, that's a great script, but for the wrong OS :)
oops, i guess i wasn't paying attention :)

well, i could give you my advice at how to fix this problem, but it involves installing :)


Seed 14 January 2005 07:04 pm

Yeah, installing foobar2000. I could have told him that myself ;)

Anyway, if someone has a solution using cmd.exe and not a patch or an add-on or another OS, please enlighten us. If not, I consider this thread closed.

ak 14 January 2005 07:35 pm

Something like
> for %i in (*.mpc) do mppdec "%i" "%~ni.wav",
IIRC, 'cmd.exe /?' to check :)
Won't work on win9x though.

Then again you can always put bash in your installer and do it the proper way :wink:

Doesn't foobar support cmdline switches btw?

Ishan 14 January 2005 08:24 pm


Why it's so important that the files have .mpc in their name
It is because the prgramm using those after unpacking need it. this process is part of an installer.
Anyway i'll find out a way, maybe with bash or whatever, thx all :)

Ishan 23 January 2005 09:24 pm

For those who wondered, I found a solution :


mppdec *.mpc .

del *.mpc

ren *.wav *.

ren *.mpc *.wav

that's it ^_^

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