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Seed 28 January 2005 07:14 pm

mppenc 1.15t
mppenc 1.15t is out. It handles teh_sample properly now. The problem was a result
of aggressive compiler settings in previous versions.

The new versions for both Windows and Linux are now compiled by ak using GCC. It
allows for easier maintenance and ensures that we release compatible binaries
that produce the exact same encoded files.

The new encoder should produce files with a bitrate similar to 1.15s, but in many
cases slightly lower or higher (1-2 kbps at --standard). We've thoroughly tested it
on a Pentium 3, Pentium 4, Athlon, Athlon XP, Athlon 64, G5 (Mac). Speed is mostly
the same as before but on some computers it is slightly lower. Frank Klemm
advises to be very careful when compiling with certain flags and we've
followed this advice.

Future plans:

We're currently testing yet another problematic sample which could be indicative
of a problem with SV7 (SV8 can easily handle it). We're in direct contact with
Frank and it's possible that the next version of the code will include minor
changes to psy.c. It's time to tweak the encoder and slowly finalize SV7
before we tackle the more demanding challenge of a new stream version.

mppenc 1.15t for Windows
mppenc 1.15t for Linux
Musepack Tools for Mac OS X (compiled by kuniklo)

Seed 25 February 2005 12:17 pm

1.15t will be replaced by a new encoder today. Please pay attention to the news and replace your encoder with the latest one every time an official build is made.

Thanks for your support and keep Musepacking

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