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Draders 07 March 2005 10:23 am

Playback In Quintessential Player Problems
I've come across an album (encoded in MPC) that doesnt want to play in QCD. I can edit its tags in it, as well as play it in foobar2000 and WMP using the RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter. Also, when I tried to decode them to wave using the MPC Batch Encoder, I get a runtime error after draging them in.

Any ideas on a solution to this problem, or was it encoded wrong?

Thanks, Draders

Seed 07 March 2005 02:50 pm

If foobar played the files I doubt they are bad. It's more likely that QCD is. You should try to run MPCScan (bottom) on them and see if they are broken in any way. Can you also tell me what tags they have? Are those valid APEv2 tags?

Draders 07 March 2005 09:33 pm

MPCscan says the files have no errors, but after trying different frontends, they all don't accept the files. Foobar2000 can convert them to wav and they play in all my players, but they still won't load in any of the audio conversion software I have, while other mpc -> wave via foobar2000 will.

Edit: They have APEv2 tags.

Seed 07 March 2005 10:53 pm

I'll need to see one of the files to figure out what's wrong. If there is one small affected file you can share, private-message me and I'll test it.

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