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ontarianfrog 22 March 2005 02:23 pm

xmms crashes
xmms crashes everytime i want to open a mpc file. it's never happened to me, been using it for a year.

xmms loads the songs, but crashes when it wants to retreive information from the tag.

anybody hear about that?

Seed 22 March 2005 02:59 pm

You must give us more information for us to identify the problem.

What version of XMMS? Linux? What type of tag do those files have? Is it an APEv2 tag or another tag? (not recommended) Can you private message me and give me the location of one of the offending files online? I'll look at it if you can put it on a web site.

xmixahlx 22 March 2005 05:10 pm

iirc, this happens with id3v2 tags.


obTuSEPACK 22 March 2005 08:19 pm

See my posts here:

The first post by me describes the problem I was having (as best I could initially tell) and my subsequent posts discuss what I found as the cause / solution.

Hopefully, this is your problem as well and you can correct the behavior yourself while the developers work on a solution.

ontarianfrog 22 March 2005 09:10 pm

it's ok i fixed it

they were ape tags :P

Lefungus 22 March 2005 10:10 pm

With slashes inside also ?
The more bugs I see with tags, the more I want to just replace the tag handling with taglib

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