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ivanova 12 August 2004 08:05 pm

using libmusepack in other projects?
I don't know enough about the subject to really help out. Could someone who knows how this work please have a look here:


Shy 12 August 2004 09:55 pm

Lefungus made libmusepack, and he will surely be glad to help those who need help with it. Regarding portability of the lib, it is very portable, and about documentation, the lib is still very new and much can and will be added to simplify things.

Ganymed 12 August 2004 10:32 pm

A possible documentation for the library would be the XMMS-Plugin and the Beep Media Player plugin, which both are using libmusepack for decoding.

Source for the plugins can be found in the Linux section on the main page.
The license for the library is the GNU LGPL.

Lefungus 12 August 2004 10:57 pm

I would advise looking at sample.cpp in the original libmusepack to see how to use the lib, or at the xmms plugin (1.1alphax). Those plugins are very small now that everything is embedded in the lib.
This lib will be improved with time, as of now, no autotools, but it may/will come soon.

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