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Shy 23 November 2013 08:05 am

Winamp finally being allowed to die
On December 20th, Winamp will be officially dead. This news came as no surprise to anyone.

As Justin Frankel, Winamp's original developer, said 9 years ago:

I'm always hoping that they will come around and realize that they're killing [Winamp] and find a better way, but AOL always seems too bogged down with all of their internal politics to get anything done. [Sighs] I suppose it doesn't help that I pissed them off so bad, so I should take part of the blame. I'd love to see Winamp back in the hands of people who really care about it.
Of course, that never happened.
This post serves as a thanks note to Justin for Winamp and for inspiring the development of a lot of software, and as a personal marker of irony to AOL's trolls, who until the long-overdue death of their project, blatantly refused to support an audio format that any decent player already does.

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