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micdev42 27 January 2005 08:11 am

mpcenc command line switches
Mr. Newbie here. I've just downloaded and installed the MPC encoder. I can't find any documentation on the command line switches to drive it. Sorry to be a bit thick but can someone point me to the URI?

Also - and I know I invite the wrath of the anti-WMP lobby :lol: - but having downloaded and run the Radlight direct show filter, how do I get WMP to play MPC files? Do I need to add a plugin? Where from?

Thanks very much.

Seed 27 January 2005 09:48 am

The Radlight filter alone, when it's installed, allows you to play .mpc files in WMP. As for encoding files, the link is on the main site and easy to see:

One more thing... If you intend to encode a lot of albums, wait 2 more days for a new version. With the latest encoder shared from the main site (1.15s), you also don't have to use --xlevel anymore. The encoder defaults to this option.

Good luck.

micdev42 27 January 2005 10:12 am

Thanks. I looked at the encoding page and didn't realise it was the definitive info. for switches. I've read it again and it makes more sense.

I'm using 1.15s at the moment, so I'll wait for the new version before encoding in anger.

Sorry to be a bit dim but...
I downloaded and ran the Radlight plugin. Fired up WMP10, tried to drop an MPC file on it (as I do with other media types) and it ignored it. Do I have to do anything else to 'install' it?

Seed 27 January 2005 01:30 pm

I have tried version 8 and 9 (successfully) but not 10. Someone else might be able to give you a definite answer.

mll 28 January 2005 02:15 pm

IIRC, when I once tried the radlight filter with WMP (9 or 10, dont rememeber), whata I did was: from WMP: open, select "all files" and chose a mpc file, then you had do say OK to a popup that said (in essence) "usually, WMP doesn't play MPC, but if you consider it's OK, tick the box", and voilą !

For the MPCENC stuff, you might find useful stuff at the tuto I made in, part "Parameter string explained"



micdev42 28 January 2005 03:48 pm

Thanks. Yes I've used your CDex tutorial to setup mpcenc - thanks very much..
Still can't get the radlight filter to work. I'm obviously doing something stupid. Let me have a read up on WMP plugins...

Mr_Rabid_Teddybear 31 January 2005 01:22 am

The Radlight MPC filter should be installed and working just by running the installer. But as mll said above; it still doesn't make WMP recognize MPC files. You have to use the open files menu (drag & drop won't work), then choose "All Files" for filetype, then choose your MPC file, then click OK to a popup saying effectively something like "WMP doesn't recognize this filetype at all, but can proceed an attempt to play it if you really insist very hard". It will then play the file OK. At least this is what happened the one time I tested this with WMP 9 on XP sp1. I did it for testing. I don't like that player. Other downsides: WMP (using the mentioned filter) doesn't support MPC's apetags very well, and it doesn't know anything about replaygain. So you'll lose some of the formats prime features by using that player.

Why not do the smart and easy thing and dump that lousy player, and go for foobar2000 or Winamp instead....?

micdev42 31 January 2005 06:08 am

Mr Rabid Teddybaer (!)
Yes, I've just downloaded foobar2000 and am playing with it..
Thanks for the detailed instructions on WMP setup though. It's bugging me...
Now I want to get it to work!

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