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jedubz 16 December 2004 03:21 am

Total Newbie here! What do I do with these MPCs?
Alright guys, I'm going to sound like a total idiot but I'm sure you guys can help me. I've tried browsing around the forum and I can't seem to find my answer.

I unpacked a .rar folder that was supposed to be a rather rare bBob Marley album (I'm trying to get everything he's ever done on my computer), only as opposed to mp3s or wmas, all the tracks are .mpc format. I have no idea what to do with this or how to get it to play in Windows Media Player, which is my player of choice (Yes I've heard the advantages of switching to iTunes already). Is there a way I can convert them to mp3 or wma? I'm sure I will lose a bit of quality but if it means getting them to play the same way as my other albums (in Windows Media Player) I'm willing to give up the extra quality.

Seed 16 December 2004 03:30 am

I suggest you go to this page - and download the latest "Special installer". You will find it easy to convert .mpc files to any other format using this program. This program is also great for playing the .mpc files directly. You know, if you convert those tracks to MP3, Bob might wake up and haunt you. Transcoding is bad, 'mkay?

Seed 16 December 2004 04:46 am

If you still fail to enjoy the MPC files, and you want to try with WMP anyway, maybe you should try the RadLight DirectShow filter -

jedubz 16 December 2004 07:36 am

It sounds great and all but my other 15 Marley albums along with the other 200 on my computer are all in mp3 and wma, so I don't want to have to use a different program that doesnt have the features I'm looking for for just one album. Thanks for the help though!

Mr_Rabid_Teddybear 16 December 2004 04:46 pm

Why are you insisting so hard on using inferior formats in an inferior player? Foobar2000 can, unlike WMP, play almost any format in use - including, to mention only a fraction; wma, mp3, mpc, mp4 and ogg. In adddition, unlike WMP, it can be configured to do almost everything you can imagine. If you could show me one feature that WMP does better than Foobar2000 (with 3d party plugins) I'll eat my combatboots with Tabasco Sauce and lettuce while standing on my head. (This is in respect to audio only, I know Foobar2000 doesn't play video, neither will it - it's an audioplayer, not a mediaplayer.)

Also, as Seed pointed out, with RadLight MPC DirectShow filter you can play MPC files in WMP if you so desire...

Some players that will play MPC files are:

Media Jukebox

And probably many others not mentioned here...
For some of these players you must download and install a plug-in.

Besides, how do you think ol' Bob Marely would have felt about your enthusiastic support of big corporate american monopolistic capitalism? :wink:

whoh 28 April 2005 04:26 pm

"Hey guyz! What a cool discussion you have. Lighke it everything would be dedikated to sOme special politics, or something. It doesn't matter, who created better format or Sou. It mutters only that this guy have grown accustomed to the first program on the market. There are few BIGG thingz on tha market, and new SMALL alternatives. Common brozhers - let everybody be happy in his OOWWWN world, ya know. "


The words above are from my brother, who is invalid - he is able to read, speak, but have no fingers.

I personally have found your forums just because, too, was looking for the program who plays MPC files or MusePack. I was not found any plugin on Winamp's site, so I am gonna to download Foobar again - but I agree, too, that many users like me, who are using Winamp from the very beginning, just do not know about alternatives. For example, you guys are using phpBB software with enabled user registrations. If you support such an important event as a new audio codec, you should be prepared that many users will do not ask much about your codec, just because your board is closed for guests. I went through 15 steps before wrote the message to this board, but just because I really wanted it. On another hand, I am developer, too, and one of my free open source projects is a php bulletin board called minibb which is alternative to phpBB.

Back to BM - I like BM too, but I disagree to use this software, if you're obtruding it :-) Be happy! :-)

Shy 28 April 2005 05:36 pm

Hello whoh,
One good thing came out of your "reply," people can see an example of who you are and avoid your work.
Due to violating our terms of service and common sense, you're banned.
Good day.

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