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djassassin 20 August 2007 01:14 am

I am using MS Media Player 10 and downloaded RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter but the mpc files are not recognized by MP10 [Receive error message stating that the mpc is not a valid Win32 application - using Win XP Home] In addition, I did make sure the file type [mpc] was associated to open with WMP 10. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time~:cool:

Shy 21 August 2007 11:09 am

That's a Windows error, not a Windows Media Player error. I don't know how you got it. It might be an error with how you defined the file type. In Windows Media Player, right click, select File, Open, and choose an mpc file, and it will play it.

djassassin 24 August 2007 06:27 pm

Thanks Shy for the reply and info....followed your instructions and all is fine!! Thanks for your help!!!:cool:

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