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Kristo 30 April 2006 05:30 am

Any news on current Developement?
Isn't there any news on the current developement at all?

Is someone still working on SV8 or on any improvements?

At least if most of the users confirm that the latest version
is the best so far then it would be nice to have it confirmed
as a release version and not as alpha or whatever.

Anybody knows something about any statements from Klemm?

Who's currently working on the sourcecode at all? :-)


Shy 30 April 2006 01:43 pm

Refer to this, this and this.
snowgoon's seeking changes are a big step towards 7.5, which should have changes for muxing as well. When that's done, it will be released as the new official bit stream version.
Frank hasn't worked on Musepack directly for a long time, though he's given us some suggestions that helped development of the latest encoder versions.
As mentioned in the other threads, any contributions are appreciated.

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