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Muse 02 March 2009 06:35 pm

How to convert SV7 to SV8?

"If you have SV7 files, make sure your application/s supports the new version before converting to SV8 and deleting SV7 files"

I have about 140 Gigabite mpc-files, all encoded in the past years. I use foobar, latest version.

1) is it advisable to convert them to SV8?

2) how do I convert them?



Thevion 02 March 2009 10:11 pm

I have the same problem. I have the execute file mpc2sv8.exe but I don't have instructions how use it.:confused:
By the way, I thought that Musepack is already dead, but fortunately I was wrong :)

Shy 03 March 2009 01:53 am

Thevion: and fortunately people don't usually come and post great comments like yours on our forum.

Muse: if you don't use other applications for Musepack playback, which haven't yet been updated, then sure, it is advisable.

Mentioned in mpc2sv8's help, it can convert from a specified input file to an output file you name, or a group of input files to an output directory you name. If for example you want to convert all mpc files in a folder to an "SV8" subfolder in it: mpc2sv8 "D:\Music\Albums\Artist-2009-Album Title\*.mpc" "D:\Music\Albums\Artist-2009-Album Title\SV8"
Note that the "SV8" subfolder should already exist there for it to work, as mpc2sv8 doesn't create folders.

Edited: replaced simple .bat with grimmel's smarter one.
Here is a batch file which allows quick and simple conversion. Instructions included.

Seed 03 March 2009 03:16 pm

A .bat created by grimmel - to be saved anywhere you want

In this .bat the folders are H:\MPC (SV7 files) and H:\SV8Temp\MPC (where the converted files will be). In line 5 edit "C:\MPC2SV8Path\" to where mpc2sv8.exe sits on your computer.

Save it as convert2sv8.bat or any name you want and run:


for /R %%F IN (*.mpc) DO C:\MPC2SV8Path\mpc2sv8.exe "%%F" "H:\SV8Temp\%%~pF%%~nF.mpc"

Muse 03 March 2009 05:19 pm

Hi Seed,

thank you very much for your kind support!

I tried out your batch-file as follows:

XCOPY /T E:\Musik\mpc E:\Musik\SV8Temp\mpc
CD E:\Musik\mpc
for /R %%F IN (*.mpc) DO E:\Temp5\MPC\mpc2sv8.exe "%%F" "E:\Musik\SV8Temp\%%~pF%%~nF.mpc"

It works so far and all relevant folders are created. But it doesn't create any file! Instead, I get the following message:



E:\Temp5\MPC>XCOPY /T E:\Musik\mpc E:\Musik\SV8Temp\mpc
Ist das Ziel E:\Musik\SV8Temp\mpc ein Dateiname
oder ein Verzeichnisname
(D = Datei, V = Verzeichnis)? V

E:\Temp5\MPC>CD E:\Musik\mpc

E:\Musik\mpc>for /R %F IN (*.mpc) DO E:\Temp5\MPC\mpc2sv8.exe "%F" "E:\Musik\SV8

E:\Musik\mpc>E:\Temp5\MPC\mpc2sv8.exe "E:\Musik\mpc\1 Giant Leap\[2001] 1 Giant
Leap\01. Dunya Salam (Feat. Baaba Maal) .mpc" "E:\Musik\SV8Temp\\Musik\mpc\1 Gi
ant Leap\[2001] 1 Giant Leap\01. Dunya Salam (Feat. Baaba Maal) .mpc"
mpc2sv8 - Musepack (MPC) sv7 to sv8 converter v1.0.0 (C) 2007-2009 MDT
Built Feb 24 2009 01:11:51

WARNING: Disk full?, retry after 10 sec ...
WARNING: Disk full?, retry after 10 sec ...
WARNING: Disk full?, retry after 10 sec

Any idea why it doesn't work? My disk has about 500 GB free storage! It can't be full!


Shy 03 March 2009 07:00 pm

Hi Muse. Sorry for the confusion. Another thing should be mentioned: the folder structure under the "SV8Temp" folder has to be identical. If the original folder is "Musik\mpc\", your SV8Temp folder has to have those folders under it first. So, in your case, "E:\Musik\SV8Temp\Musik\mpc\"

Muse 03 March 2009 07:31 pm

Hallo Shy,

thank you very much again. Now it works!


Shy 04 March 2009 03:10 am

No problem. Thanks to grimmel.
I've replaced my file with this one and added instructions that hopefully anyone will understand. If anyone doesn't, feel free to ask.

BigBertrand 01 May 2009 08:58 pm


Simple question, is it technically possible to losslessly convert from SV8 to SV7 ?

r2d 03 May 2009 08:52 pm


Originally Posted by BigBertrand (Post 2329)
Simple question, is it technically possible to losslessly convert from SV8 to SV7 ?

SV8 allows some scalefactors that can't be handled by SV7, so it is possible to losslessly convert from SV8 to SV7 only if those scalefactors are not used in the SV8 file (so all files converted from SV7 and probably most SV8 files). But there is no application able to do it, and I don't think there will be.

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