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gerardobaez 13 August 2005 12:46 am

MPC Quality presets audible difference?

I've been using MPC for a long time and and I find it very impressive considering the quality and comparing it to other audio formats. I always try to rip my songs to the highest quality possible. But the thing I'm not sure is the difference in sound quality. Ive tried using the extreme preset vs braindead and insane, and I cant hear any difference between them, they all sound the same to me, even though I have a great speakers. The only difference I see between those presets are the kbps and the file size. So now I've been ripping my songs using the extreme preset because it sounds exactly like braindead and insane , plus I save like 2MB of disk space from each song.

Is there any audible difference?

Shy 13 August 2005 01:24 am

In summary (definitive and not completely accurate) : Noticeable differences between the original and Musepack at the --insane preset are very rare. They are less rare with the --xtreme preset, and not so rare with the --standard preset.
Refer to my reply on this thread (not definitive and more accurate).

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