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carnut 08 January 2006 04:35 pm

tag mpc winamp5
hi, sorry for my poor english. Maybe my question is very simple, I hope. I've made several request in this forum and other, but I didn't find any solution for this problem:

Winamp(5) library and playlist always reverse the "artist" and "year" fields with my mpc files.

Using "tag&rename" to write my tags, mpc are tagged in ide3v1. When using "mp3tag", I note that there isn't any ape tag, so, is there a problem for winamp to read ide3v1 in mpc files?

Thanks for your possible help.
see you

Shy 08 January 2006 07:25 pm

I'm not sure right now, but I'd say just write APEv2 tags to the files, they're better than ID3 tags anyway.

carnut 08 January 2006 07:35 pm

ok, thanks, i've just updated tag&rename and wrote ape tags, it seems to work.

Thank you still

Shy 08 January 2006 07:50 pm

Note that you can convert the ID3 tags to APEv2 with Mp3tag by marking the files and saving.

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