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Kurtnoise 25 October 2006 07:01 am

mppsplit.c missing
I just checked out the last svn entry but this file seems to be omitted...or am I wrong ?

Lefungus 25 October 2006 05:12 pm

Mppsplit existed a long time ago. Maybe it was possible to cut some old bitstreams, I don't know. Anyway, it seems it wasn't included in the first mppenc package that was publically released.
If you plan to compile mppenc, I advise you to switch to the cleaned-up branch which can be found at\mppenc\branches\zorg

Kurtnoise 25 October 2006 06:18 pm

ok...but I'm more interested by mppsplit in fact. :D

Lefungus 25 October 2006 06:22 pm

I don't know any splitter for sv7 files then, sorry.

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