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Redex 27 June 2005 10:54 pm

BMP crashes when I want to play mpc file
Hi , I installed plugin for mpc ( for Beep Media Player ) , not without difficulties , for example by compiling there was a problem with apeitem.h , which I had to manually copy into proper folder , but after that everything rest went as planned .
BMP detects plugin , but when I try to play any such a file program quits and dissapears from desktop . :evil:

Any ideas ?

I have Mandriva 2005 Limited Edition

Lefungus 28 June 2005 06:52 am

Give a try to latest plugin which is 1.2-RC1

Redex 28 June 2005 07:55 am

I have 1.2-RC1 :(

Lefungus 28 June 2005 05:09 pm

Which version of taglib are you using ?
If it's 1.3.1, scrap it, you need svn version, which contains lots of fixes for musepack files.

Redex 28 June 2005 11:33 pm

indeed , I have 1.3.1 taglib , but , alas , I dont know where or how can I get svn version of it ...

Lefungus 29 June 2005 06:47 am

Search engines are your friends.

WMCoolmon 29 July 2005 08:02 am

I'm having the same problem under Ubuntu - should I install the taglib linked to? And if so, how do I download it all at once rather than file by file?

Shy 29 July 2005 09:20 am

taglib 1.4 is released, so download that.

Lefungus 30 July 2005 02:51 pm

I just updated to 1.4 and I now get segmentation faults too :)
Oh well, it mean there's another bug, give me some time to find and fix it

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