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c_olin 19 July 2005 03:32 am

Problem with xmms :(
I installed the necessary libs and they all installed fine. I can run some .mpc files. But others crash with a segmentation fault.

Any ideas?

Slackware 10.1

Seed 19 July 2005 04:37 am

You'll need to give more info about the files that fail. Can you send me a small file so I could look at it?

c_olin 19 July 2005 05:07 am

None of the ones that failed are small... they are all > 8mb.

Seed 19 July 2005 05:25 am

I will create an FTP account for you on the server and you'll be able to upload one or 2 of those files. We'll then study them.

c_olin 19 July 2005 05:32 am

Thanks :D

Lefungus 19 July 2005 01:28 pm

As I said in the readme file, you NEED taglib from svn.
However, if you have the latest taglib, please try to run xmms under gdb, and post a backtrace. "gdb (enter) file xmms (enter) run (enter) (open file, make it crash) backtrace (enter)"

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